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If you'd love to donate to OwnBitcoins, please use one of the addresses below. Thanks and have a great week!

Bitcoin (BTC): 1GN1fTofBTaxmbnGadFijbV7jLuApdS9JQ
Ethereum (ETH): 0xa268E7a5b39aD21583792EF798C448A0C07f505e
UnikoinGold (UKG): Earn crypto by esports betting or playing games LOL, Dota 2, CSGO, FIFA and more
Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1GdqcjjsT2jKuqpEbBXZXoWLQTumd7MMgd
Litecoin (LTC): LeXFMbTwEaJZmWfKXiT7barNEMwtfX8psL
Neocoin (NEO): AbRs6v18tnVg5Vfxeto3QCMg9HAmG9tD66
Potcoin (POT): PSu6WyqD4FJCz9hsqdDGEmRaBERnKp5fP5